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modern composite decking ideas for your garden

Composite decking is the go-to solution for those wanting to create a level garden platform, whilst maximising square footage in even the smallest of gardens. This said, when we’re sat down in front of the bazillions of modern composite decking ideas, aesthetics and option, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Sounds familiar? Then listen up. We’re going to let you in on a few styling secrets, so you can enjoy the benefits of a contemporary composite deck without sweating it too much creatively.

Choosing the right decking for you

Social media regularly feeds us nifty DIY transformations and gardening hacks, whether that’s reimagining a long, narrow garden or building raised beds from scratch. These up your street? Then the algorithm is probably serving you up with plenty of composite decking ideas, whether that’s from the 824K strong hashtag on Instagram or from good old YouTube.

The only problem is that, with the trend towards traditional garden aesthetics, it’s a bit trickier to find more contemporary designs.

Beyond the choice between timber and composite, there are many ways you can curate a more modish feel, and part of this comes down to getting your choice of composite decking just right.

Raised vs level

Choosing between a raised or level garden deck is a vital decision when transforming your exteriors as it can make all the difference in how we perceive it. For smaller gardens, creating tiers or sunken areas is a space-efficient and eye-catching alternative to traditional house side decking.

Hollow or solid

Once you’ve got your vision with the level(s) of your decking, it’s time to opt for either hollow or solid composite. If you plan to pop a BBQ on your deck or other heavier objects such as firepits or even an outdoor bar, solid composite decking is an excellent idea. Want something a little softer on the wallet? Then hollow composite decking is a close second, especially for areas with high traffic.

Decorative or understated

Of course, there’s no denying that aesthetics have a huge role to play in our overall landscaping endeavours. As we’ll be comfortably settling into the warmer months, this couldn’t be truer – we all want a cosy scene to unfurl before us as we snuggle into our deck chairs, bean bags, egg chairs or otherwise.

To curate a garden deck that reflects that elusive sense of cosmopolitan panache that still rings true to our personal style, begin by making an intentional step towards maximalism or minimalism. This will enable you to build a cohesive scheme, with either your simple or busy decking serving as the lynchpin keeping it all together.

Vibrant or monochrome

One of our favourite aspects of composite as an affordable wood decking alternative is the sheer variety of colours and patterns available. From x and x to more ‘out-there’ palettes, you can choose between any colour scheme in the world!

composite decking surrounded by ferns and laid in a diagonal pattern

Our top 12 composite decking ideas

There are numerous ways to install your new decking and, of course, style it that are sure to tickle your fancy – without requiring you to dig up your entire garden.

Here are just a handful of specialist-recommended suggestions to get you started.

a dining area on a modern weathered oak composite decking

1) Curate an intimate dining area

Designing an intimate dining area on your composite decking creates an intimate hub for alfresco meals and gatherings. With carefully selected furniture and ambient lighting, you can transform your outdoor space into a charming spot for dining under the stars.

a cosy composite deck under a pergola covered in fairy lights

2) Pair with a pergola for maximum charm

Why not enhance the allure of your composite decking by pairing it with a pergola? The pergola provides shade and structure while creating a picturesque setting for relaxation and entertainment, making it an irresistible focal point of your garden.

a closeup of a composite decking balustrade

3) Enrich safety and style with contemporary balustrades

The best modern composite decking ideas combine safety with style. And in a world brimming with balustrade and railing inspiration, there are plenty of stylistic directions you can take – from sleek and stylish railings featuring smooth lines to more stand-out pieces in the form of a sunburst motif panelling.

composite decking among greenery

4) Design a calming nature retreat

Just because you’re angling for composite decking garden ideas doesn’t mean that you can’t invite nature into the space. Transform your composite decking into a tranquil green retreat, enveloping your outdoor space in serenity and natural beauty.

Incorporating elements such as lush flora and fauna, water features and comfortable seating creates a peaceful sanctuary where you can unwind and reconnect with nature amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Add a raised pond into the mix and you won’t be able to help your eyelids from melting onto the top of your cheeks.

a modern composite decked area dressed with contemporary colours

5)  Partition your plot with contemporary colours

Tie in a blast of contemporary flair into your outdoor space by partitioning your plot with vibrant colours that add depth and visual interest to your composite decking. Whether through bright planters, decorative screens, or painted accents, these contemporary hues help create distinct zones within your garden, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

poolside composite decking

6) Elevate a poolside view

Elevate your poolside experience by extending your composite decking to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. With strategic placement of furniture, lighting, and accessories, you can enhance the ambience of your pool area, turning it into a stylish retreat for relaxation and recreation.

composite decking with statement steps

7) Turn steps into a statement

Make a statement with your composite decking by incorporating striking staircase designs that add architectural interest and functionality to your outdoor space. Whether opting for sleek and modern or something a little more quirky, these statement steps become focal points that elevate the overall design aesthetic of your garden.

a beautiful chevron composite deck and seating area

8) Try an unconventional laying pattern

Break away from traditional decking norms by experimenting with unconventional laying patterns that add visual intrigue and personality to your outdoor space. From herringbone to chevron, these unique patterns create a dynamic backdrop for your composite decking, showcasing your creativity and style. We love the way the curved design of this garden deck gives the whole space a smart, tailored feel!

bringing the outdoor in with a composite decking veranda

9) Bring the indoors outside

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living by seamlessly integrating indoor comforts and amenities into your composite decking design. From cozy seating areas to outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and entertainment systems, these indoor-inspired elements create a welcoming and versatile space for year-round enjoyment.

a composite decking path leading up to a plant wall and water feature

10) Pave the way with a garden path

Enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your garden with a well-designed garden path that winds its way through your composite decking. Whether made of natural stone, pavers, or gravel, these paths add texture and dimension to your outdoor space while guiding visitors through your garden in style.

composite decking beneath a contemporary bar

11) Raise up your garden bar

Raise your outdoor entertaining game by incorporating a stylish garden bar into your composite decking design. Whether as a standalone feature or integrated into your outdoor kitchen, a raised bar area becomes the go-to for socialising and enjoying refreshing drinks in the company of friends and family.

creating textural contrast with composite decking and gravel

12) Contrast materials for a texturally intriguing landscape

Create a visually dynamic landscape by juxtaposing different materials and textures within your composite decking design. Whether combining wood with stone, metal, or glass, these contrasting elements add depth and character to your outdoor space, creating a captivating environment that stimulates the senses.

Deck to impress

While some naysayers may say that these modern composite decking ideas are more hassle than they’re worth – we couldn’t disagree more!

With a pinch of creativity, homeowners can absolutely curate a functional, stylish deck tailored to their plot and needs. You just need the motivation to get started.

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