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Millboard Composite Decking

Millboard composite decking is the premier composite decking solution. The deck boards have the look and feel of natural timber but with a hard-wearing durability that wood decking simply cannot achieve. Incredibly, Millboard decking contains no natural timber. Instead, each board is made from a unique polymer resin that is reinforced with recycled mineral stone. The Millboard composite decking range is available in 13 colours and a choice of 3 finishes; Enhanced Grain, Weathered Oak, and Lasta Grip Slip Resistant. Order your Millboard composite garden decking for collection from our Bradford depot or choose UK-wide delivery.
Smoked-Oak-Swatch Smoked Oak Decking Boards
Limed-Oak-Swatch Limed Oak Decking Boards
Jarrah-Swatch Jarrah Decking Boards
Golden-Oak-Swatch Golden Oak Decking Boards
Coppered-Oak-banner Coppered Oak Decking Boards
Burnt-Cedar-Swatch Burnt Cedar Decking Boards
Brushed-Basalt-Swatch Brushed Basalt Decking Boards
antique-oak-swatch Antique Oak Decking Boards
Millboard Enhanced Grain Decking
millboard enhanced grain decking Millboard Enhanced Grain Decking brings to life the subtle nuances of natural wood. With slip-resistance built in as standard, the options available are abundant, so you can make the most of any outdoor setting.
Vintage-Swatch Vintage Decking Boards
Weathered-Oak-Embered-Swatch Embered Decking Boards
Weathered-Oak-Driftwood-Swatch Driftwood Decking Boards
Millboard Weathered Oak Decking
millboard weathered oak decking Introducing Millboard Weathered Oak decking is a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Manufactured from exceptionally durable materials that resist fading and the effects of the weather, while mimicking the looks of the real thing, this composite alternative is the ideal solution for areas with high traffic. Discover our range and order for collection from our Bradford depot or choose UK-wide delivery.
Lasta-Grip-Golden-Oak-Swatch Golden Oak Decking Boards
Lasta-Grip Coppered Oak Decking Coppered Oak Decking Boards
Millboard Lasta-Grip Decking
millboard lasta-grip decking Perfect for domestic decking and larger-scale, commercial environments, Millboard Lasta-Grip Decking is a tasteful, useful decking option. Showcasing the natural shades of your hardwood, you can create visible anti-slip measures without compromising on its aesthetic.
Square-Edging-and-Fascia-Jarrah Square Edging
Weathered-Vintage-Flexible-Bullnose-Edging Flexible Bullnose Edging
Bullnose-Edging-and-Fascia-Copppered Fascia Board
Bullnose-Board-Golden-Oak Bullnose Board
Millboard Fascia Board & Edging
millboard decking bullsnose edging fascia board with lights With an authentic wood grain effect, you can achieve continuity between decking levels as well as with Millboard edging, steps, and risers. This delivers consistency in design and extends the distinctive Millboard look and feel to every inch of your decking.
Duofix-Spare-Driver-Kit DuoFix Spare Driver Bit Kit
Millboard DuoFix Tools – Your Life Made Easier
millboard duofix tool in use Your decking doesn’t have to be complicated to construct to be as dynamic and aesthetically pleasing as possible. With Millboard DuoFix tools, particularly the DuoFix Side-Fixing Guide Kit, you can install enhanced grain and weathered oak decking with ease.
Touch-Up-Coating-Thumb Touch-up Paint
Millboard Decking Touch-Up Paint
Millboard decking touch-up paint provides a high-quality finish to all Millboard decking. You can match the colour with your outdoor space thanks to the seven options available, all of which have been designed to match the decking boards crafted by this leading brand.
spring-grip-hex-head Spring-Grip 8mm Hex-head Driver Tool
Multi-Spacer Millboard Multi-Spacer 3-6mm
millboard-fascia-screw Millboard Fascia Screws
Duofix-Spare-Driver-Kit DuoFix Spare Driver Bit Kit
Millboard Screws and Fixings
Millboard fixing screws When it comes to finishing off a beautiful Millboard decked area that you will enjoy using, safety should be your top priority. Hence why we bring to you our range of Millboard screws and fixings exclusive to this premier brand, making it easy to find all the supplies required to complete the job.

Introducing the Millboard range of composite decking

No other composite decking comes close to Millboard in terms of looks, feel, and life-expectancy. Millboard decking combines a high-quality finish with low-maintenance requirements – these deck boards are hyper-resistant to fading, staining, scratching, mould and warping.

A choice of 3 distinct finishes

Millboard decking is available in 3 finishes, each of which brings a distinct look and feel to any outdoor space.

Thanks to its unique polymer resin construction, our decking does not deteriorate like natural wood. Additionally, our unique surface provides exceptional slip-resistance, even when wet. Every board is produced using recycled minerals whilst containing no natural timber.



Enhanced Grain

The Millboard Enhanced Grain range replicates the beauty and feel of prime oak. The Enhanced Grain finish is available in a choice of 8 colours and suits spaces with a modern or minimal aesthetic.

Weathered Oak

The Millboard Weathered Oak range is designed to replicate aged oak. Striations on the surface of the boards create a pleasing visual and authentic feel. The Weathered Oak finish is available in 3 colours.

Lasta Grip Slip Resistant

Millboard Lasta Grip is a range of ultra slip-resistant composite decking boards with integrated grip strips. Lasta Grip Slip Resistant boards are available in 2 colours and are suitable for both residential and commercial environments.

Easy installation

Millboard decking is easy to install thanks to the innovative DuoFix Tool. This proprietary tool allows decking boards to be fixed in place from the side rather than the top. This keeps the face of the board clear of screw holes, helping maintain the immaculate finish.


As well as being available in multiple colours and finishes, Millboard decking offers excellent options for customisation. Millboard’s range of Edging and Fascia encourages creativity, with under-lip lighting, seating and other creative design elements all possible.

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