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garden arch ideas

Nearly 2.8 million Brits live more than 10 minutes away from green space – it’s sad but true. For those untouched by this statistic, it’s important to cherish the space you have. And that means adding decorative elements to help make you feel at home. And what better way to it than trying out one of these 10 garden arch ideas? We promise you it’s worth it.

Garden arch style ideas

There’s something so timeless about garden arches. Ubiquitous in all sorts of gardens from those of large manor houses to the tiniest of cottages, they can suit any exterior design style thanks to their versatility. Here are a few garden archway style ideas to get you started.


Sometimes staying true to the classics is the best way to go. These types of garden arches are simple in design with a touch of modest decoration that will enhance both modern builds and period properties alike. Common materials are treated timber or metal.


Country-style garden arches lean more towards a rustic aesthetic. Here you’ll see deliberately weathered materials and detailing such as trellises and ornate carvings. This style is the ideal enhancer for an old-fashioned or romantic garden design and aims to create a whimsical flower structure.


Modern arches are sleeker. Think sharp lines and minimal decoration to create contrast and intrigue. This is more of a bold choice, but paired with the right greenery you can attain a striking look that will set your garden apart from the rest.


Now for something a little further from home. If you’re a fan of Japanese garden design, a Shinto shrine-inspired arch can bring a sense of tranquillity into your outdoor space. Generally low maintenance and oozing serenity, it’s certainly a great choice.

whimsical garden arch ideas

10 charming garden archway ideas to create an outdoor haven

We’ve covered the more general style directions you can go in when it comes to your choice of garden arches. Now it’s time to look at some more specific examples to help you

Pre-made garden arch ideas

1.      Match your garden arch with your fencing

Who doesn’t love consistency? Match your trellis style with your fencing to create a cohesive vibe that keeps everything looking tidy. For example, you might want to pair this omega arch with a matching fence; then you can start growing climbing flowers with a tendency of meandering.

2.      Introduce a wall arch

Don’t let a cramped garden cramp your style – even the tiniest space can be revamped with a garden arch. When you can’t go outwards, try upwards.

This ingenious garden arch idea will help you enjoy the merits of this beautiful feature whilst claiming back those precious inches. Simply affix one side of the arch onto a wall, fence or building. It’s not too different from installing a regular trellis and, hung with vibrant foliage and blossoms, it will surely add depth to your garden’s beauty.

3.      Embellish with a Japanese-style garden arch

Japanese-style garden arches are a beautiful finishing touch to a kitchen garden or any other inviting style. This is a classy way to dress up your garden divisions and if you add a paved or stepping stone path you can enhance the appeal multiple times over.

gated garden arch ideas

4.     Define your space with a gated garden arbour

We couldn’t share these garden archway ideas without touching on the charming, gated garden arch. If you want to make a statement with your garden entrance, this will get your heart racing with excitement.

Not only do they make a postcard-perfect image, but these gated garden arbours provide extra height and security – ideal if you’ve a hankering for a grand entrance but want to stay sheltered.

5.     Bridge your raised beds with an arch

This is the ultimate way to combine functionality with style. Besides being an effective way to raise climbing plants and veggies, this will transform your raised beds into a picturesque tunnel that will take your guests’ breath away.

If this has inspired you, we’ve got a lot more where that came from – you’ll love these raised bed planting ideas too.

6.      Erect a garden arch tunnel

Add impact by installing multiple garden arches in a row. This is an excellent way to showcase your climbers and create a natural yet showstopping garden feature. You might choose to place the cocooning structure over a walkway or perhaps create a leafy canopy over a relaxed seating area.

cattle panel garden arch ideas

DIY garden arch ideas

We all love the dopamine hit we experience when we purchase a shiny new garden feature, but sometimes it can be more rewarding to build one yourself. So here are a few extra ideas for DIY garden arches.

7.      Create a trellis arch from cattle panel

This is perhaps the simplest way to construct a garden arch with your own hands and all you need is some cheap cattle panel or garden wiring, making it significantly more affordable than a DIY wood or metal fence. Ideal for vegetable gardens, this quaint little structure will keep your veggies above the ground away from the hungry mouths of slugs and snails.

8.      Build a wooden arch from scratch

Rustic wooden garden arches – we love them for a myriad of reasons. They’re relatively inexpensive; any competent DIYer can construct them; their wooden structure lends to a range of arch styles from contemporary to vintage; and you can separate sections of your garden naturally as the organic material blends into the greenery. What’s not to love?

living garden archway ideas

9.      Nurture a living garden arch

Less construction and more horticulture, this is a great way to frame your garden with nature. You can either go romantic with classic blooms such as the English Rose or you might instead add a splash of green with the leafy foliage of shrubs left to grow into an archway.

10.   Upcycle an old garden arch

If you look on eBay or at your local second-hand furniture retailer, you might be able to find a neglected garden arch – which presents a wonderful opportunity to get creative. Often it only takes a lick of paint or a bit of glueing to get these old garden archways back to their former glory and it’s a great binding exercise too!

Let your gardening prospects climb with a garden arch

It’s time to put a bow on it. We hope you enjoyed these diverse garden arch ideas, both big and small. If there’s anything you take away from this post, it should be that there’s a garden archway style out there for everyone. Which is your favourite?

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