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raised bed planting ideas

As the cost of living bites, many are turning to growing their own fruit and veggies to shave a little off their food purchasing. But it’s not all about saving money: spending time in the garden is a great way to relax and it’s wonderful for your mental health too. To start you off down this path, here are 12 raised bed planting ideas.

But before we jump straight in, let’s take a look at the benefits of using raised beds to grow your own produce. Here we go!

The benefits of raised bed planters

Besides the joy of cultivating a project and watching it grow, there are plenty of material benefits to using raised beds for your garden escapades. To name a few raised beds help you:

  • Simplify your garden layout, zoning your garden beds from the lawn
  • Protect your spine from squatting on the ground
  • Improves drainage and irrigation, keeping your plants happy
  • Control the soil composition hassle-free
  • Fend off the cold and predators by raising up your veggies
  • Save effort in the long run: no need to plough soil!

tiered raised bed planting ideas

Raised bed planting ideas

Your raised bed designs can be as humble or as elaborate as you like, and using a whole array of materials from railway sleepers, traditional timber boards or something more unusual like leftover wooden pallets.

Whatever your choice, you can make a statement that screams you for a reasonable price. Now let’s delve into some of our favourites.

1.     Build a raised bed for your herb garden

A raised bed makes fertile ground for a herb garden due to the ease by which you can manage the soil. Not only are they easy to maintain, but they’re economical too as you’ll cut down on trips to the supermarket – no need to make any unnecessary excursions when you could simply pop into the garden for a bit of oregano or thyme. Sprinkle in a mix of Mediterranean and perennial herbs and you will be able to season your dishes all year round.

2.     Frame outdoor seating with flower beds

This is one of our favourite raised bed planting ideas: create an intimate seating area in the garden by framing it with planters overflowing with delicious-smelling flowers and vibrant greenery. Tucked between these receptacles, you’ll have a cosy nook to sit and read a book or entertain guests.

window planter raised bed planting ideas

3.     Try using a mini planter as a window box

Now this is a look. If you’re not spoiled for choice due to a small garden or a lack of outdoor space, this makes both an attractive and functional alternative to ground-level planters. Ideal if you want to try out planters on a small scale, these mini versions of the classic raised bed are a great option for fresh-faced horticulturists as you can easily grow veggies with shallow roots such as herbs, spinach and lettuce. Pop them in a sheltered sunny spot and your plants will thrive.

4.     Use your raised planter as a compost bin

Has a cramped garden been on your mind? Well, with this ingenious outdoor space-saving idea, you can claim back those inches. Combine your vegetable garden with compost bins by using your empty raised beds during the winter to compost your garden waste.

Of course, this only works when your planters aren’t in use and when the weather is warm enough for hot composting during the colder months. But if you time it right, you can benefit from keeping the weeds at bay, mulching the soil and retaining any nutrient leaching in the growing environment.

kitchen garden raised bed planting ideas

5.     Create a dreamy kitchen garden

It’s not difficult to guess what we mean by a kitchen garden. It’s in the name; a kitchen garden (also known as potager-style) is a garden that grows fresh produce, containing vegetables, fruits, herbs, leafy greens and edible flowers that are all harvestable for instant culinary use. This way you can enjoy the natural beauty of the greenery alongside their fresh taste.

6.     Introduce levels with tiered planters

Here’s another wonderful raised bed planting idea that looks stunning whilst saving precious space. It involves planning your space vertically. This could mean incorporating a tiered raised bed into the mix of your overall design with different flora in each planter. Not only will this enhance your colour scheme, but it can add some needed texture to an otherwise flat or dull space.

raised bed planting ideas with trellis

7.     Cultivate a haven for bees

This one’s for eco-enthusiasts. You might have already cut the use of pesticides in your garden, but did you know that you could a step further and create a small haven for bees and other pollinators with your raised beds?

It’s sad (and scary!) to say, but insect populations have dwindled by 60% in the last 20 years. But by planting bee-friendly plants such as rosemary, lavender, coneflowers, borage and many more, you can encourage pollinators back into the garden and give them some well-deserved nectar!

Raised bed material ideas

One of the best parts about starting the humble raised bed journey is that you can make them out of so many different materials, and there are plenty of premade options to choose from too. Abundant in different colour schemes and styles, it’s easy to match your planter to your overall garden design – think of it as the icing on top of a beautiful cake.

8.     Add a drop of vintage charm with railway sleepers

Did you know that you can make a functional raised bed out of used railway sleepers? It’s fairly simple to lay them in the garden and the results are stunning, and especially alongside a period property. Infuse your garden with the nostalgic feel of times gone by and protect your plants with a fortress of a raised bed.

upcycling raised bed planting ideas

9.     Upcycle used materials for a bit of shabby chic style

Upcycled or recycled raised beds are all-rounders; they perform multiple functions. First, they minimise what else would be material waste waiting for landfill. They help encourage your plants to grow the best they can. And they look utterly unique.

Whether you decide to use a reclaimed boat, an old bookcase or some old wooden pallets, this is a fun way to make your garden stand out from the rest and get stuck into the gardening life.

10.  Run away with red brick aesthetic

If your home boasts the classic red brick look, why not match it with your raised beds? Not only does this provide a sturdy foundation for your flowers to bloom, but they’re easy to maintain and won’t rot in damp and cold conditions.

raised bed planting ideas with trellis

11.  Mix and match with a trellis

If you want to go the extra mile, you could dress up a simple raised bed with a trellis. Either attach your trellis to a wall and place your raised beds in front or go for an integrated trellis/planter for impressive results. Plant climbing species in the beds and see them make the ascent up your trellis.

12.  Opt for an unusual shape

Who says that raised bed planters must be rectangular, or even regular? Often easier to build than your standard, symmetrical planters, you simply have to cut the length of board you desire and assemble them to slot into the space you have chosen.

Triangular, half-moon, hexagonal and everything in between, there are so many options available to stimulate the eye and complement a contemporary garden look.

Try it out yourself

And that’s all. We hope you enjoyed these raised bed planting ideas and feel confident enough to get your own project going. All that’s left is to decide on a style – which one will you pick?

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