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Recent studies have estimated the accumulative length of all fencing on the planet is 10 times greater than the total length of all roads. This invisible infrastructure is all around us, raising the question: what does the average fence cost? In this expert guide, we’ll be laying out some key considerations to help you determine which options meet your budget.

how much does

How much does a fence cost on average?

Working out the total cost of the fencing required will help illuminate the scope of your entire project within your budget, shedding light on any hidden costs you may not have otherwise considered.

The average fence panel cost is £45 for your traditional garden fence, but prices can climb as high as £300 for bespoke or luxury varieties. You can work out how much your fence project will cost in total with our easy-to-use fencing calculator.

Cheap fence panels

If you’re on a tight budget and you don’t want to break the bank, installing or purchasing your own fence materials can work out cheaper. Fence panel costs can differ dramatically between suppliers and between the style, material and sizing, but prices start from as low as £14 for low-fuss traditional overlap garden fencing. This is significantly lower than the £45 average.

Key price factors

Types of fencing

The type of fence will not only have implications in terms of functionality and aesthetics, but it will impact the overall fence cost too. Here are some common fence types ranked by pricing.

Overlap fences

Overlap or lap fencing is one of the most cost-effective options when it comes to fencing. Preferred by those who enjoy their privacy, they normally cost £25 to £40 per 6ft panel.

Paling fences

Paling fences, whether arched or straight-topped, are a classic for a reason. Versatile and tanalised for a long life expectancy, they will usually cost you between £25 and £30 per 6ft panel.

Weave fences

Traditional woven hurdle fences are a beautifully natural choice, suited to flower gardens and partitions. On average, they will cost £25-£150 per panel, depending on size.

Lattice fences

Another stunning choice for the garden is a lattice fence. Decorative and beautifully paired with climbing plants, expect to pay from £60 per 6ft panel.

Fence height

This isn’t unsurprising, but the height of the fence you select will have a big impact on the overall cost of the project. You can easily purchase fence panels at 4-6 ft height, although there are more tailored options if you wish for something higher or smaller. Taller fences, of course, will add expense to the project.


It’s important to note that although you may see identical materials from different suppliers, these could be of completely different qualities. That’s why it’s always a good idea to inspect the quality of the material before purchasing or inquiring about it via the supplier.

painting, an additional cost of fence

Additional costs

We’ve covered the upfront costs for fence type and material, so now it’s time to move onto the supplementary costs you may need to consider.

Landscaping costs

To prepare your garden for fence installation you may want to do some preliminary landscaping. This could involve clearing pesky plants, weeds, roots and even trees from infringing the area you wish to fence. The labour costs could be anything between £50 and £500.

A lick of paint

You’ve installed your fence, but you might not want to stop there. Adding a snazzy coat of paint can really elevate the look. Painting your fence will incur costs from your selected fence paint and stain and labour costs if you decide to leave it to a tradesman.

Fence maintenance

To keep your fence in top condition, occasional maintenance and repairs might be in order. General maintenance is relatively cheap and taking care of your fence every now and again can prolong its lifespan significantly. However, if you need to repair a fence it could cost you significantly more.

Arris rail repair, that is fixing the structural horizontal strips of your fence, is usually £2 per rail bracket and up to £15 in labour costs. To replace a fence post, you could end up spending £150.

Gate installation

How much does adding a gate cost? Again, this all depending on the style and materials you opt for. On average, timber garden gates can cost between £27 and £150.

DIY versus professional installation

How much does fence installation cost?

On average fence installation for gardens will cost £1,450 (4 ft) – £1,850 (6 ft), depending on the contractor. Usually, installation costs will be calculated via the amount of fence panels and posts you require for the job. Hence, why it’s so important to get your measurements right.

DIY fence installation

If you’re up for the challenge or looking to save money, putting up a fence yourself is another attractive option. The best part is that as long as you have a steady hand, any competent DIYer is capable of erecting a stylish fence. Ensuring the right tools are at hand and that the weather is smiling down on you, DIY installations can work out to be a great bargain!

How long does it take?

Professional fence installations can take anywhere between 1-4 days for domestic projects and a bit longer if you’re looking to put up agricultural fencing across pastures.

Depending on the contractor hired, their may be more than one professional on the job, making it much faster than if you tackled it alone. DIY installations, as you might expect, can vary dramatically in terms of how long they take and this all hinges on experience.

clipboard estimate for cost with garden fence

How to estimate fence cost

To estimate your overall fence cost you will need to consider each of the factors we’ve laid out above, determining how much fencing is required for the job by carefully measuring your garden or property. Getting an accurate measure of your property lines will help contractors and suppliers provide a precise quote.

Measure up!

You have your measurements, now what? Put them into our handy fencing calculator!

We’ve made it easy to work out supply fence costs with our state-of-the-art fencing calculator. Shave precious time off your projects by simply inputting your required length, height and style – and we’ll do the rest.

If you’re still uncertain, no problem, we’re happy to talk through your options to help you achieve wonderful results.

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