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Healthy, Vegetable Salad. Of Fresh Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Spinach, Lettuce

If living the good life appeals, why not combat a little of the increasing costs of living and try to grow your own planter to plate fruit and veggies?

Fruit and vegetables grow well from spring, and some are ready to harvest early in the season. Whether you choose to plant seeds or purchase as young plants, growing your own fruit and vegetables at home is rewarding, provides healthy food and can be fun for all the family.

Build your own

Many customers to the yard are buying materials to build their own raised beds for growing fruit and vegetables at home. Whether massive or minute, we sell products to help build your own timber solution for growing vegetables at home. Choose what produce you want to cultivate, then decide where to achieve the ideal growing condition.

Timber options to grow your fruit and veg:

  • Raised beds constructed with various timber options, including railway sleepers – perfect if space is no problem, and you want to try your hand at producing a variety of vegetables across the seasons
  • A vertical or stepped timber planter – ideal if outside space is at a premium or you want to focus on growing a specific crop
  • A timber window box – perfect for growing herbs. If secured on a kitchen window ledge, this option gives you easy access to fresh herbs when cooking. Also, an easier container option for keeping maintenance to a minimum

Don’t forget, you can also use old hanging baskets – great to grow tomatoes or strawberries in or even disused watering cans, tin cans and even teapots.

Grow your own

Once you’ve got your area and container prepared, May is a great month for planting seeds. Most should be kept indoors until they germinate – if you don’t have a greenhouse, a sunny window ledge is a good alternative.

What to plant now:

  • Beetroot, broccoli and beans
  • Courgettes, carrots and cucumbers
  • Dill, rocket and sweetcorn
  • Strawberries and gooseberries

Depending on the volume you plant, most grow in beds, boxes or planters and also cope well with the British weather.

Menu inspiration

Healthy, Vegetable Salad. Of Fresh Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Spinach, Lettuce

Now you’ve grown your veggies you can look forward to harvest and try your hand at culinary masterpieces. Get creative with what you have grown and see if you can make a three-course meal with your crop.

What a home-grown menu could look like:

  • Starter – carrot soup
  • Main – rocket salad with beans, beetroot, tomatoes – add an egg or tuna for some protein
  • Pud – freshly picked strawberries

Bon appétit!

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