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Whether you’re a homeworker jumping on the upward trend of garden offices, someone looking to impress with an outdoor bar, or you simply need more storage for your gardening stuff, the right garden shed can do wonders. That’s why it’s essential to make an informed decision and choose the best garden shed for your gardening and storage requirements.

Our comprehensive guide offers up different factors to consider, the types of sheds you can choose from, plus 8 of our top picks.

4 qualities to look out for in the best quality garden sheds

Before looking at the types of sheds available, there are a few characteristics that should be on your radar. From the durability of the materials to the flexibility of customisable designs, understanding these factors will guide you towards choosing the best garden shed to suit your unique requirements.

  • High-grade materials – Our recommended garden sheds are crafted using premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Tanalised timber and metal are generally the most sturdy.
  • Versatility – With various sizes, designs, and configurations available, look out for sheds that cater to a range of needs, whether for storage, workshops, or garden bars.
  • Customisability – Another key element should be customisability. A good shed will allow you to tailor it to your exact specifications, with options for door and window placement, so you can create a space that suits your requirements perfectly.
  • Suitable space and dimensions – From compact options for cosy corners to spacious sheds for extensive storage, consider the dimensions of the shed that will fit your garden size and layout.

Picking the right type: 8 recommended garden sheds from Estate Sawmills

With some of the preliminary considerations out of the way, it’s time to delve into our list of the 8 best quality garden sheds.

Apex Sheds

Apex sheds are traditional for a reason; their design is inspired by the structure of classic English housing. As you may already know, the word “apex” derives from Latin and refers to the highest point or peak of a structure.

While something of a misnomer as every roof has its own apex, in the world of garden sheds, the term is used to describe a shed that has a roof with two sloping sides that meet at a central point.

They’re most popular for general garden storage, bike lockers and even chicken coops as they come in a variety of sizes. We stock smaller 4×4 pent sheds all the way up to 20×10 varieties with many options for windows and doors – so that’s plenty of choice for you and the family.

a standard apex shed



1)      Standard Apex Sheds

Standard apex sheds benefit from a taller ceiling, which provides ample headroom in the centre, making them ideal for turning your shed into a workshop or garden office. With their slanted roofs, rain and snow run off easily on both sides and reduce the chance of leaks. What’s more, with this incline, you can add shingles and other tongue and groove roofing options to customise them later down the line.

an apex security shed

2)      Apex Security Sheds

A step up from your standard apex shed is the security model. Available in windowed and windowless variations, our range offers versatility to suit your needs. At the forefront of this lineup is the Power Apex Security Shed, renowned for its adaptability. Unlike traditional sheds, this model empowers you to customize the placement of doors and windows on any side during assembly (*except for the 7×5 size). Fitted with a high-security 5-pin cylinder lock and solid brass escutcheon plate, this type is one of our recommended garden sheds for storing more valuable equipment.

an overlap apex security shed

3)      Overlap Apex Sheds

Enhance your garden’s style with the best type of garden shed for aesthetic and functional value. Combining the merits of the Power Apex Security Shed with the rustic look granted by sides crafted out of 12mm tongue and groove timber, you can add an alpine feel to your garden while keeping your belongings safe inside. Reinforced by heavy-duty framing and corner bracing, their durability is unmatched.

Pent Sheds

In contrast with apex sheds, pent-style sheds are those with a flat roof (or pent roof) on a slight incline. While many gardeners view pent sheds as the more modern type of the pair, they are likely to have originated from centuries ago.

While appearing flat, all pent sheds will have a roof on a gradual slope to help with drainage. This alongside their contemporary design makes them a popular choice for home offices, DIY workshops and potting.

a pent shed

4)      Standard Pent Sheds

Being on a slight incline pent sheds will generally have slightly more headroom down one side of the building and the doors situated centrally, offset or in the gables. Thanks to their consistent roof height and box-like aesthetic, they’ll blend in perfectly with a sleek garden design and provide a handy structure for shelving. The only downside is that the roof gradient means that shingles aren’t compatible with this design.

a pent security shed

5)      Pent Security Sheds

Like their apex contemporaries, pent shades also come in a security model. Again, you have the freedom to customize your shed’s layout as you please, with the door either on the gable end, towards the right, left or bang in the centre. Featuring strong galvanised ironmongery, bolstered framing and a premium, hardwearing “super” felt roof, this is the ultimate garden storage option.

an overlap pent security shed

6)      Overlap Pent Sheds

If the standard pent security shed isn’t to your liking on an aesthetic level, no problem! There’s also the overlap variety, spotlighting beautiful, high-grade timber that we have pre-treated for you. The sides are made from 10mm thick overlap cladding that provides optimal strength and movement reduction as well as that lovely traditional look.

a timber pub shed with a serving hatch and a door

7)      Pub Sheds

Have you ever indulged in the fantasy of entertaining your family at a bar, but from the comfort of your own home? Well, you can make that dream a reality with a classy pub shed. If building an outdoor bar from scratch sounds like too much effort, this is the next best option. Their design characteristics from the handy closeable serving hatch to their sturdy construction and customisability make it easy to carve out a relaxed space to share with your loved ones during the summer months.

a windowless corner shed made of timber

8)      Corner Sheds

A corner shed is a wonderfully versatile design for those smaller nooks within your garden. Want to utilise some wasted exterior space or make an awkwardly long, narrow garden design work for you? Simply, squeeze one of these sheds into an unused corner and create an entertainment hub in amongst the greenery. Thanks to advanced engineering and practical design, you can trust that the materials are responsibly sourced, highly durable and weather resistant.

Other types of sheds

Potting sheds

Potting sheds straddle the worlds of storage and planting, with a design tailored for gardeners. With one large sloping window made of either thin glass or plastic, they allow light and heat to pass through and keep your veggies happy.

Lean-to sheds

These sheds lean against a solid structure like your house or a garden wall. Ideal for gardens where space is at a premium, but not the best option if you’re based in an exposed area prone to high winds.

Sheds with greenhouse

It’s what it says on the tin – these sheds are attached to or blended with a greenhouse, making them the perfect choice for green thumbs looking to combine storage with horticulture.

Garden shed FAQs

Let’s debunk some myths! We’ll address your common questions in this section.

Where can you buy the best quality garden sheds?

With a booming trade in garden sheds and other outbuildings, there are many places to find the best garden shed tailored to your particular requirements. The best place to start is a local timber specialist, who can give you the rundown on the highest quality materials and help you find a shed to size.

Do you need planning permission for a shed?

It’s very rare that you’ll need planning permission to add a shed to your garden. As long as your outbuildings remain single-storey and the eaves are under 2.5m in height, you won’t encounter any problems.

Can I decorate or upcycle a shed?

Of course! Whether you want to add interior decorations, repaint the cladding or simply give the door a restaining, there are many ways to personalise a garden shed so it reflects your personality.

How do you maintain a garden shed?

Garden shed maintenance is usually pretty low-key. It might involve using a wood treatment to keep the timber strong, cutting back surrounding plants and trees, checking and repairing the roof felt and ensuring that the inside remains protected from dampness and leaks.

Pick the best garden shed solution for you

When it comes to garden sheds, Estate Sawmills are the experts. As a leading supplier of construction timber, we can help you select the right option for you. For more inspiration, explore our complete range, from your typical apex shed to more advanced, security options.

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