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We are pleased to announce Estate Sawmills Timber supplier ‘BSW Timber’ have been awarded the maximum rating of 3Trees in WWF’s 2019 Timber Scorecard.

The award highlights the important environmental steps the company is taking with regard to the sustainability of its timber.

In awarding 3 Trees WWF has recognised both BSW’s commitment to sourcing sustainable wood and its performance with regard to those sustainable timber commitments and the actions it has taken in order to protect the world’s forests.

The Timber Scorecard system was introduced by the WWF in 2015 to assess businesses on their timber product sourcing policies and performance. It assigns each company a score from 0 Trees(companies with no or limited policies in place) to 3 Trees(companies performing well against procurement policies).
In doing so, the Scorecard aims to stimulate further transparency, inform consumers and support national and international commitments in the procurement of sustainably sourced timber products.

Hamish Macleod, Director of Public Affairs at BSW, said: “It’s excellent to hear that our hard work on sustainability is being recognised by the WWF and we’re proud to be listed in the top tier of companies that are taking sustainable timber and our forest’s future seriously.”

The 2019 Scorecard follows previous scorecards in 2015 and 2017 – in which BSW scored 3 and 2 Trees respectively – tracking the market’s progress towards sustainability by 2020.
The 122 brands included in the 2019 Scorecard represent the public face of an industry and therefore provide an insight into how a sector is performing overall.

Visit WWF Timber Scorecard for more information

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