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Here at Estate Sawmills we have always used our long-term supply partners to build solid relationships which includes buying increasing volumes of timber and landscape products at agreed prices. This passes on to our customers to offer the widest range of landscaping timber at the lowest possible prices in Yorkshire.
Unfortunately, at the moment all timber supplies are affected globally and prices are increasing – but why?

It’s that old law of economics – SUPPLY & DEMAND

Which products are in short supply?

In relation to what Estate Sawmills supply, the following continue to be in short supply/high demand:

  • Timber
  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Paints & Sealants

How did COVID affect timber supply?

COVID has been a big influence on the supply situation but isn’t the only reason.

Roughly 60% of imported materials used in UK construction projects comes from the EU, and increased congestion has been reported at UK ports since the turn of the year, leading to delays.

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) said in May that Brexit-related complications have squeezed UK timber stocks, as 80% of the softwood used in building comes from Europe, and 90% of the softwood used for new build homes comes from the continent.

The materials shortage can be traced back to increased building and home improvement activity in 2020, particularly during the first lockdown.

Construction output reached a 24-year high in June, but the ongoing construction materials shortage is set to continue.

Covid-19 has meant that timber production was limited during the height of the pandemic in 2020 and now with many projects kick-started in early 2021, the supply has yet to catch up with demand. 40% of the UK’s timber supply comes from Sweden and much of their timber is currently being held back for their own domestic projects. With limited supply, prices have risen globally.

What can you do to ensure timber supply?

At Estate Sawmills, we have a delivery day platform on our website so any order placed shows the next available delivery for that ‘basket’ of products, this way you shouldn’t suffer any unachievable expectations of your delivery dates.
To help yourself and your customers if you are trade, try and place orders well ahead of time to stand the best chance of product delivery.

Look at product alternatives e.g. composite (yes it is more expensive but your customer may like its unique look and lasting qualities) rather than timber for decking or cladding & sawn timber instead of ply.

What Estate Sawmills will continue to do

  • We continuously talk to our suppliers to keep on top of the supply and pricing situation.
  • Where essential, we will look at alternative suppliers that have similar products we can offer.
  • We will keep you informed of our stock situation and as soon as stocks enter our yard, we will let you know
  • At the point when the supply situation improves and pricing reduces, we will pass this onto our customers


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