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Before we start, we ought to clarify about landscape timber rather than assume everyone knows:

What is Landscape timber?

Landscape timbers are wooden boards with a thickness generally of 3 to 6 inches (75-150mm) and varying lengths.

Depending on where you are, they might also be referred to as outdoor timber or garden timber.

They can be untreated or treated (Tanalised) for longer life.

Like all natural materials, landscape timbers come in a variety of colours and materials. They are flat on the top and bottom which makes them ideal for stacking.

These are sturdy boards that  are strong and long-lasting and can be used to construct a variety of garden structures.

What can I build?

This could be an endless list but we’ll stick to the most common structures you can build in the garden.

Timber walling

Using landscape timber fixed to a wall in a vertical or horizontal (more contemporary) layout is a great way of softening a wall, hiding an unsightly wall and providing an elegant look.

Further softened with plants, this natural look can either be rustic or contemporary depending on the type and colour of the timber and your choice of plants.


Landscape timber raised garden beds

Raised garden beds enable you to plant things regardless of the quality of your soil. They also provide better growing conditions for some plants than soil-level planting.

Landscaping timbers can be stacked together to form a garden bed. We would still advise screwing or bracing together to prevent movement once full of soil.


Landscape timber steps

Rather than struggle to walk up and down your sloping garden, built sets of steps to make it easier.

You can use just large timber sleepers  or combine timber with gravel to create a durable and visually interesting staircase.


Timber retaining walls

Where you have an earth wall which is less than stable but is too large to excavate you can use heavy landscape timbers to build a strong retaining wall as well as to create an interesting feature.

Plant in the soil on top of the wall with small plants or trailing plants to overspill down the timber wall.


Garden Pergola

Although these large garden structures can look quite daunting at first site, they can be easy to build and form a beautiful structure to grow climbers over and provide shade and protection below as well as an interesting garden feature.


Timber garden furniture

Building your own tables, benches or chairs can be simple using larger timbers.

Solid structures will last and will resist weathering for 10-15 years if treated.

Timber garden planters

These relatively small containers are great for placing in key positions around your garden space and once filled with colour can brighten the shadiest of gardens.

They can be used for flowers and grow-your-own vegetables so you don’t need a large garden to have your own veg plot.


We could go on but these are the main uses of the versatile landscape timber

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