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things to consider when buying a fence

As you embark on the journey of building a new fence, it’s crucial to delve into considerations that extend beyond mere aesthetics. From ensuring security and safeguarding your pets to weatherproofing against the unpredictable elements, our guide unveils essential tips for a successful fencing project. Stay informed about rules, regulations, and neighbourly considerations to make your fencing experience seamless. Ready to start your fencing project? Here are those important factors to mull over.

Security and Privacy

A key factor which may influence a homeowner’s decision on what fencing they choose is security and privacy – especially if they live in urban and suburban areas. Fencing can be a great way to secure your boundaries and offer an essence of privacy within your own back garden/front garden. You have a number of options available such as ready-made fence panels or rails and pales to make your bespoke project and also trellis toppers on top of your panels to give it more height and added security. You can choose whether or not your fence matches your garden aesthetic – just have a look through our modern and traditional fencing panels for ideas!

Pets and Animals

If you have family pets or a farm full of animals, there are different options available to suit what you need. Keeping your animals safe is important. Agricultural fencing can be fixed to secure the welfare of your farm animals, keeping them contained and safe from escaping as well as invading intruders. Family pets also need consideration to stop them from escaping, but safe materials are a must to prevent injury.


The weather in the UK is very unpredictable, but for most of the year, it is normally cold, wet and windy. You should consider fencing that is ideal for harsh weather conditions as storms and winds can damage a lot of fencing. When choosing your fencing, opt for fencing that is strong and durable and ensure that your fence is installed accurately and securely.

Here’s a few tips to consider:

● Create solid foundations and ensure your posts are installed at the correct depth (not
too shallow!)
● Use heavy-duty fence posts – we recommend concrete without jeopardising aesthetics
(link concrete posts)
● Use trellis panels which offer plenty of gaps for wind to pass through

Rules, regulations and privacy

Make sure you check your property deeds to determine and confirm the boundaries for which the owner of a property is responsible – this is usually labelled with a T-mark and can be supplied by the Land Registry.

Typically a fence can be up to two metres without planning permission. That’s why most fence panels you can buy from Estate Sawmills are no taller than six feet. Planning permission is also required for new fences to listed homes, as well as adding a trellis for height / extra privacy also needs permission.

Neighbourly advice

Make sure you make your immediate neighbours aware of your new fence – honesty goes a long way. No one likes a surprise fence installation in their garden without any kind of warning, especially if they don’t want one! Keep your community relationship strong and talk amongst each other to decide together.

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