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Digging with a fork

After the dark months of winter come hopeful spring buds, signalling the start of a new season. Customers to the yard are starting to think about heading al fresco to prepare their gardens for spring. From treating the lawn, sorting pots to planting veg patches – there’s plenty to be done outdoors which will also keep you active.

Gardening for the mind, body and soul

Digging with a forkIt’s widely documented how time in the great outdoors has incredible benefits on wellbeing to clear our mind and clean our lungs, but it can also improve mental and physical health. It’s a great alternative to traditional exercise. Walking, bending, digging and lifting are great ways to stay physically active, whilst planting and nurturing can have a positive contribution to your mood.



Spring into action

As the weather starts to warm encourage nature to unfurl from its winter slumber, there are outside jobs to do. Here’s a list of ideas to help you get your tasks done, benefit from fresh air and physical activity:

  1. Fencing – before you start to plant and pot, have a think about which timber products you may need in place. Construct and instal any new timber required first and use the structures as a template to grow your garden around.
  2. Paint your timber – upcycle your existing timber with a sander and fresh lick of outdoor paint. Consistent maintenance of outdoor timber is essential to extend its life expectancy and can add wonderful pops of colour to your garden all year round.
  3. Patio power wash – whatever material your outdoor seating area, give it a wash, rinse and paint if required before the seasonal seating comes out.
  4. Set up your seats – get any all-weather seating out of storage and position in the garden. On warmer spring days it’s a joy to enjoy a morning coffee outside and plan your next outdoor task.
  5. Refresh your pots and plant your border – think about the plants you love and the colours and scents which will make boost your mood.
  6. Warm up your raised veg patch ready for March planting – start potting seeds to keep inside until the temperature increases and they are ready to be moved into the prepped beds.
  7. Prune early buds and give the lawn its first cut
  8. Help wildlife thrive – provide safe spaces for hedgehogs, feeders for the birds, a shallow dish of water and longer areas of grass for insects. Plant a café for bees and butterflies – they love nectar and pollen-rich flowers which in the early season includes bluebells, hyacinth and primrose.

Most importantly, enjoy your outside space. Really make it your own and a place you can relax, have a moment of calm and feel at one with nature.

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