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modern composite decking ideas for your garden

12 modern composite decking ideas for your garden

Composite decking is the go-to solution for those wanting to create a level garden platform, whilst maximising square footage in even the smallest of gardens. This said, when we’re sat …

the end results of converting a shed into an office

How to convert your shed into an office in 12 steps

With 16% of the UK workforce reporting to work solely from home, the demand for inviting workspaces in one’s personal quarters has gone through the roof. You know the score: …

what are the different types of timber cladding

Understanding the types of timber cladding – What’s the difference?

Your choice of cladding for your outbuildings speaks volumes about it. The exterior of your house, office building, or garden bar is the first thing visitors see, and the cladding …

low-maintenance garden border ideas with flowers and fencing

12 low-maintenance garden border ideas

Want a luscious garden without having to toil away at landscaping? Transform your garden into a film-set-worthy scene with minimal exertion by exploring our curated selection of low-maintenance garden border …

a homeowner demonstrating how to waterproof a shed

How to waterproof a shed

Typically, garden sheds are used to store the lawnmower, the BBQ and assorted garden furniture. But these days, sheds serve various purposes —there’s the workshop shed; the summerhouse shed; and …

a homeowner completing decking maintenance on their wooden deck

Timber & Composite Decking Maintenance Guide

Garden decking serves many purposes. It’s your suntrap where you relax in the sun, enjoy meals with the family, or host barbecues with friends. Regardless of how you enjoy your …

a family who are happy that they have found the best garden shed for their outdoor space

Choosing the best garden shed: 8 options for sophisticated storage and outdoor use

Whether you’re a homeworker jumping on the upward trend of garden offices, someone looking to impress with an outdoor bar, or you simply need more storage for your gardening stuff, …

a railway sleeper pathway in a landscaped garden

How to lay a sleeper pathway to enhance your garden

When envisioning a well-designed garden, each person’s ideal will look a little different – after all, there’s a whole spectrum of factors at play from plot size, shape, soil type …

garden decking balustrade ideas

10 tasteful balustrade and railing ideas for your decking

While you might have painstakingly planned out the materials for your raised deck  – wood or composite – along with its size, decking railings are just as important. The best …

man showing father how to build an outdoor bar

How do you build an outdoor bar? A straightforward guide to creating a beautiful social space for the sunny months

When there’s the tiniest hint of sunshine and blue skies, you can trust us Brits to flock down to the pub. Yet, now and again, the journey feels like a …

an example of how high can a fence be in the uk

How high can fences be in the UK?

Before getting started on any building project in the UK, it’s important to be aware of the regulations around planning permission. When it comes to determining how high a fence …

a homeowner demonstrating how to lay decking with a power drill

How to lay decking in 4 simple steps

Laying garden decking is like any other building project – it requires a good deal of planning. This article serves as a general guide on how to lay decking. We’ll …

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