Erecting a fence

.preparation for new fence screen

Once they were measured and planned out, solid tantalised timber posts were concreted into the ground behind the wall.

.Erecting patio area timber area

The horizontal panels were constructed by using single pieces of timber rails. These planed rails were then nailed in to the timber posts with a heavy duty nail gun. A small piece of timber was used as a spacer to create even gaps.

finished screen with garden furniture

The tops of the posts and the ends of the rails were then sawn off to create a flush finish.

finished screen

2 coats of stain & a clear matt varnish were applied to create this beautiful cedar effect finish as well as providing additional protection from the elements. 

Completed garden patio area

As you can see, the finished result is fantastic and they have created a beautiful Mediterranean style patio area using railway sleepers, tantalised timber rails and posts.

The timber rails used to construct this screen are 45mm X 19mm and can be bought online or in store at our Bradford  depot.

View Planed Rails

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